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 Bridging the Quality Chasm

 The Healthy Births Initiative was developed by First 5 LA with the goal of optimizing care for pregnant women and improving birth outcomes in Los Angeles County.  Care Quality improvement accomplishes this by closing the “quality chasm,” the gap between what clinicians know to be best practices, and what is actually delivered to patients

LA Best Babies Network Care Quality Improvement provides a range of support, including:

  • Use of the electronic registry for tracking improvement efforts.
  • Data entry support in using the Model for Improvement to transition to onsite date entry.
  • Extranet for collaboration and monthly reporting.
  • Monthly conference calls for sharing ideas and insights with other teams.
  • Links to resources and tools.
  • Faculty for clinical updates.
  • An Improvement Advisor.
  • Continuing education and workshops.

LA Best Babies Network coordinates the organizational improvement process. The clinical team learns, practices, and implements skills based on best-practice clinical guidelines, quality improvement techniques for rapid systems change, and data tracking and monitoring.


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